Lagrange, GA Field Trip

We went to Lagrange, GA today to collect clear quartz crystals...and boy did we ever!!! We got down into the pit and after a few minutes of careful inspection, we decided on a promising looking area. We pulled back some loose dirt and began digging into one of the pit walls. Almost instantly, Michelle hit the Motherlode! She spent the entire day meticulously extracting huge to monsterous sized crystals from that one pocket. I, however, spent the day watching. I may not have many of my own crystals, but I moved more earth than a herd of renegade badgers!!! Well, maybe next time. Anyway, we ended up with over 200 excellent crystals. The prize crystal of the day was about ten inches long and bigger around than a softball. It also has a crystal growing out of one of the faces. There were at least 40 that were as big around as a golf ball and anywhere from two inches to six inches long. There were several matrix pieces, too. We dug past sunset, loaded the truck, and headed for home. We wrapped up the day with a stop at Waffle House for grits, cheese eggs, and the best hot coffee ever! Overall, it was an exciting, fun and productive trip.


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